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At Tilton, no matter the teacher, their favorite subject is you.

Today’s students need skills and experiences that empower them to navigate an ever-changing world. At Tilton, we believe wellness, confidence, and achievement all begin with our essential skills.

The Five essential skills

Creation uncovers possibility.

Creation generates solutions to address needs and opportunities-through empathy, analysis, ideation, and iteration. 

Inquiry builds understanding.

Inquiry looks beyond the idea of easy problems and simple solutions. It seeks multiple data types, examines different angles, thinks critically, and questions the role of bias in the interpretation of facts—and in the formulation of opinions.

Communication generates meaning.

Communication involves moving an audience toward understanding or action through the variety of media available to us. Reciprocally, communication also engages in active listening to understand the ideas shared by others.

Mindfulness develops perspective.

Mindfulness is the set of intentional practices to develop self-awareness and understand one’s connection to the larger community and environment.

Play fearlessly embraces the new.

Play engages the world for curiosity’s sake, for the purpose of trying something new, without fearing the consequences. Play is our word for raw experimentation, pure research, and harmless—but insightful—trial and error.

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School News

Encompassing all aspects of school life at Tilton — and leveraging the unique power of our residential campus — five areas of Self Discovery ensure that students push the boundaries of their own learning.

The five Areas of Self-discovery

  • Academic Classes in World Languages, English, History and Social Sciences, Arts, Mathematics, or Science
  • Advanced Placement and college-level coursework
  • Remote learning opportunities with other programs and institutions
  • Teaching Assistant Program

Lots of students participate on one of over two dozen athletics teams,  but opportunities abound, including Leadership and Club Activities, Community Service, and the Performing Arts

Our unique community located in the heart of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region: dorms, village, and day students — means there’s ample opportunity to engage with the world within and beyond campus.

Tilton’s unique Grade Level Programming is an age-appropriate life skills program, infusing confidence and capability into every student on campus. 

Extensive facilities—and round-the-clock teaching faculty— means students have the opportunity to pursue personal projects in a way that’s unique to New Hampshire prep schools like Tilton.

  • Legacy Projects
  • Independent Learning Experiences (ILEs)
Students Disscussion

Skills and experiences are nothing without relationships—especially when you need a little help—so our students are supported by a powerful system of guidance.

The Five sources of Guidance

Grades aren’t used to judge students, but rather to coach them. Standards Based Grades (no letter grades, no averages) cover both Academic Achievement and Habits of Mind. 

Our college counseling process includes expert counselors, frequent meetings, and a unique “college defense” presentation that ensures students make intentional choices.

Advisors are the “first call” for students who need help, and they serve as the primary contact for parents and families too.  The advisory group is central to each students Tilton Experience.

Student-Led Conferences

Traditional parent-teacher conferences usually leave out the most important person. Not at Tilton. 

Whether preparing for a test, improving study habits, tackling Calculus, or learning English, each student can build on their strengths. Personalized instruction or academic support can help each student unlock their own potential.

School Activity

Navigate a world of change.