Keeping up the Momentum | Tilton School

Keeping up the Momentum

By: Bryan Geary and Kate Saunders

Why the name, The Compass? 
Kate Saunders: As you have probably noticed, our redesigned logo highlights the clock tower and the navigation markings around the clock face. This change honors something we all experience at Tilton: the intersection of time and direction. Our time here on the Hill is limited, and we all encounter choices that shape ourselves and our education. There’s something beautiful about choosing direction in these moments, and that’s what we hope to show you in The Compass! 

What has been your favorite part of this fall?
Seeing all the students back in the Chapel! Last year was really hard. We were together but we were limited—now we can bring back our favorite traditions and create more opportunities for fun! Our new student leaders this year are AWESOME! They are truly taking the lead with events and helping to facilitate change on campus. 

How have the changes to campus affected the students and faculty?
KS: It was wild to begin school without a dining hall! The project dealt with delays and roadblocks related to COVID, but Tilton handled it all in stride! In true Rams fashion, we made it work—decorating the tent with lights and getting a ton of mileage out of our grills. We are a community of resilient people!

What was the most unexpected moment of the fall?
KS: Seeing the mummy! I always heard the rumors, and, even after 15 years at Tilton, I still didn’t believe it until I saw it. Katherine McCandless (our new Dean of Teaching and Learning) is spearheading work on partnerships with the University of New Hampshire and three other universities to create a community learning experience centered not just on our mummy, but the future of education and how schools like Tilton can lead the way. I’m excited to share more in the next issue of The Compass!

"We can now bring back our favorite traditions and create more opportunities for fun!"

“We can now bring back our favorite traditions and create more
opportunities for fun!”

What are you looking forward to?
KS: I can’t wait for our first events at the Alumni Amphitheatre! The lineup is beginning to come together as the construction is in its final stages, and that’s so exciting! The students are getting creative and want to put the ‘amp’ in amphitheatre. One of our first events will feature drums and percussion to get our community engaged in creating music.

What is important to be mindful of this year?
KS: I think it is really important to remember to take care of our community. Our students and teachers are still recovering from last year. We need to be patient, listen, and remain flexible as we adjust to life in our new environment. As an alum or friend of Tilton, your visits and notes make a huge difference—reminding the students, faculty, and staff that they are loved and appreciated.

What’s next for Tilton?
KS: We have accomplished a lot this year, and this is just the beginning! We are wrapping up over $3.5 million in campus renovations and we are very focused on the future. I really can’t wait for June 10–11, when we celebrate three classes for Alumni Weekend. Good things happen in threes and everyone should be keeping a close eye on Tilton because we have a lot of momentum right now!

How can I get connected or stay connected?
KS: We have done a lot of work on our NEW website and social media channels. If you’re not already following us, these outlets are a great place to see that we are engaged with our community in a new way. Please remember, you are always welcome home here on the Hill. Feel free to swing by anytime—we would love to see you!