Using the Past to Shape the Future | Tilton School

Using the Past to Shape the Future

As the transformation of our campus continues to set the stage for the next generation, new and exciting work is taking shape in the Charles E. Tilton Mansion. Following the renovation of the historic building’s exterior during the summer of 2021, the focus now shifts to the interior, where the project encompasses a celebration of the past and plans for the future of learning on the Hill.

From a facilities standpoint, the main house will undergo restoration with updated furnishings and finishes to make the space warm and welcoming, while honoring its unique and historic design. There will also be upgrades that enhance the accessibility and versatility of the space, including a catering kitchen for community events.

Programmatically, updates will include a history and social sciences classroom on the first floor, a state-of-the-art digital arts classroom on the second floor, and a new art gallery that will open doors for supporting and collaborating with the art community, both on campus and around the state.

Keeping our history in mind, we’ve also engaged in a strategic partnership with the Tilton Historical Society to organize and digitize the entirety of the school’s archives. This is a key component that will allow us to honor and engage with our past in a way that enhances the experience of Tilton students today.

We’re excited to share more with you in future issues and on social media. Stay tuned!