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Leading The Way

What started as a club idea from Tilton student Abigail Gilbert ’23 grew to catalyze a network of women set on amplifying their voices. The Women’s Interest Group meets weekly to bring Rams together, both current and past. Set in motion alongside incredible donor support, Gilbert’s idea helped spur the creation of the Young Women’s+ Leadership Program (YWLP), which is in full swing this year with several exciting events being offered to students across campus.

For the second time, the group hosted the YWLP Summit, welcoming numerous alumni and community partners to the Hill on October 15, 2022. The event began with a keynote address from public radio journalist Laura Knoy, followed by workshops with Tilton alumnae Michaela Callahan ’09, Miyoshie Lamothe-Aime ’09, Jenn Persio ’09, and Kelly Shen ’13.

“I am so proud of the young women in the YWLP who have kicked off this work to support the campus,” says Head of School Kate Saunders P ’17, ’21. “The intersection of capital support for the events and scholarship funds through the program has cultivated a special connection with the young women who are leading the way on campus.”

As winter settled in, Tilton’s Women’s Interest Group has been busy at work hosting activities across campus, including a “female empowering” open skate opportunity where beginners to ice skating could learn and practice the foundational skills in a safe environment, free of judgement.

“The Women’s Interest Group is off to a great start,” says the group’s leader, Gilbert. “Not only are we able to discuss our interests and opinions but we are able to make changes on campus. Throughout our meetings we have created new opportunities for women and girls alike. Whether we are sponsoring open skates or petitioning for an improved school constitution, we are always striving for better.”