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Coaches Corner

Match the fact with the coach! Answers at the bottom of the page.

A) As an assistant with Robert Morris, this coach beat Kentucky in the 2013 NIT Tournament, making them the only former UMass Amherst basketball player to beat Hall of Fame Coach John Calipari. 

B) When this coach was 14, they traveled to Iceland, Scotland, and England on a hockey and cultural trip. In Scotland, one of the games was played on a curling rink!

C) The all-time leading scorer in basketball at their high school (boys or girls), this coach is also a big fan of Kermit the Frog.

D) This coach played the lead trumpet for the 1980 Massachusetts high school jazz band champion.

E) This coach played in a small band growing up and can still play the drums.

F) Prior to getting married, this coach took a summer off and rode their bicycle across America, from the coast of Oregon to the NH Seacoast, camping in a tent along the way.

G) This coach learned how to teach yoga and meditation from monks on an ashram in Florida.

H) 21! This coach once played blackjack with Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing.

I) This coach walks 50 miles each week!

Tilton Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Tara Brisson

Tara Brisson
Girls Varsity Basketball

Tilton Boys Varsity B Coach Ben Tefft

Ben Tefft
Boys Varsity B Hockey

Tilton JV Boys Basketball Coach Kurt McCandless

Kurt McCandless
Boys JV Basketball

Tilton Boys Varsity Hockey Coach Brooks McQuade

Brooks McQuade
Boys Varsity Hockey

Tilton Boys JV B Basketball Coach Joe Scala

Joseph Scala
Boys JV B Basketball

Tilton Girls JV Basketball Coach Mike Landroche

Michael Landroche
Girls JV Basketball

Tilton Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Mike Byrnes

Michael Byrnes
Boys Varsity Basketball

Tiltons Girls Varsity Hockey Coach Keith McLean

Keith McLean
Girls Varsity Hockey

Tilton Skiing and Snowboarding Coach Tyler Goodwin

Tyler Goodwin
Skiing and Snowboarding

Answers: A: Michael Byrnes, B: Ben Tefft, C: Tara Brisson, D: Kurt McCandless, E: Brooks McQuade, F: Tyler Goodwin, G: Joseph Scala, H: Keith McLean, I: Michael Landroche