Learning Spaces New Hampshire - Tilton School

Learning Spaces

Across 150 acres, there’s plenty of space for us to gather together.

Spread across our 150-acre campus, we learn in all types of settings. From open and collaborative, to traditional classrooms, to interactive spaces, you’ll feel at home no matter the class.

  • Plimpton – A staple of every student’s experience at Tilton, Plimpton is home to English and Social Science classes, as well as our College Counseling team and the Academics office. The natural light from the large classroom windows creates a wonderful environment for learning.
  • New Academic Building – Completed in 2007, the New Academic Building is a modern and updated space with a true multipurpose design, accommodating diverse teaching and learning opportunities. Many course in the Sciences, Mathematics, and World Languages are held in this three-story, 38,000-square-foot building.
  • Skinner Tower – The bridge between Plimpton and the New Academic Building, Skinner features an open foyer with floor-to-ceiling windows and the Davis Lecture Hall. It is a favorite spot for students passing time between classes, getting together for study sessions, or hosting club events and meetings.
  • The Center for Academic Achievement — Located on the top floor of Skinner Tower, the CAA is one of the most modern spaces on campus and offers the opportunity to study with peers or faculty. In addition to drop-in accessibility, you can learn more about the tutoring programs offered by the CAA.
  • Lucian Hunt Library – One of the most stunning spaces on campus, the Lucian Hunt Library is located in the Charles E. Tilton Mansion. Filled with quiet spaces to study or sprawling areas to meet with larger groups, the view from the Masiello Family Pavilion in front of the building is hard to beat as well.
  • Helene Grant Daly Creative Arts Center – The headquarters of our Arts program features a ceramics classroom, a digital arts workspace, and more. The space is located in the former Carriage House of the Charles E. Tilton Mansion, giving it a historic and vintage vibe that is perfect for the Arts.
  • Fred Andrew Smart Chapel – Home of our weekly School Meetings, each and every Tilton student will remember their time in this historic building. In addition to those core gatherings, there are also classrooms on the basement level that host various Arts offerings.