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Association Bylaws

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Alumni Association is to assist Tilton School with building a strong alumni community through a combination of volunteerism, effective communication, education, fundraising and special events.

Article I: Name

The name of this Association shall be the Tilton School Alumni Association.

Article II: Membership

All students who attended Tilton School, including students who did not graduate, are entitled to participate as members of the Alumni Association on the commencement of their class.

Article III: Purpose

Section a. Purpose

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to promote and foster the spirit of fellowship and community among the alumni in support of the mission and advancement of Tilton School. The members are invited to extend one’s time, talent and treasure in support of Tilton School’s mission by assisting the efforts of the Alumni and Development Office by participating and engaging fellow alumni in school activities as well as establishing a presence on the campus in order to inspire students to become active members of the Alumni Association; thus engendering a sense of community, spirit and support amongst the various constituents.

Article IV: Government

Section a. Officers

The Tilton Alumni Association officers will be made up of Head Class Ambassador, the School Liaison (non-voting) and the Head of School. The officers may determine to add or change any standing committees as the need arises.

Section b. Nominations

Any Officer may nominate Class Ambassadors. For the Head Class Ambassador, any member of the Tilton Alumni Association may nominate.

Section c. Appointment and Election

Class Ambassadors may be appointed by any member of the Alumni Association, subject to the approval of the Head Class Ambassador, School Liaison and Head of School. The vote may be executed in person, on the phone or via email or other suitable electronic communication. For Head Class Ambassador, the Officers shall call for nominations from the members of the Alumni Association four weeks before Alumni Weekend. The call for nominations shall be posted on the school’s website or other electronic communications. All nominees for the Head Class Ambassador must be presented two weeks before Alumni Weekend to the Officers. The nomination must include a paragraph including, but not limited to, the following biographical information: How many years they attended Tilton; if they were a boarding student or a day student; what they have
done after they graduated from Tilton; place of residence; occupation and name of business; hobbies and interests to share. All nominees must be at least four years post graduation from Tilton School. The Head Class Ambassador must obtain consent of each nominee to serve if elected prior to the meeting of the Nomination Committee. The Officers must meet by phone or in person one week before Alumni Weekend. The purpose of this meeting will be to review nominations of Head Class Ambassador to be voted on by the Alumni Association. The Head Class Ambassador shall present the nominees to be ratified at the annual School Meeting during Alumni Weekend by an oral vote. In the event that the oral vote is not clear, the Head of School will take executive order and set the slate for another vote to take place in person or by email by the current Alumni Association members no later than June 30. Terms shall run from July 1 of year one to June 30 of year two.

Section e. Vacancies

If the Head Class Ambassador is unable to fulfill his or her term, the Head of School shall nominate a Class Ambassador to serve out the remainder of that year where a vote will then take place to fill the position at the annual meeting regardless if it is not the end of the term. If an Ambassador is unable to fulfill his or her term, the Head Class Ambassador, the School Liaison and the Head of School together may appoint an Alumni Association member to finish their term.

Section f. School Involvement

A member of the Development Office appointed by the Head of School will serve as the School Liaison. This person will be a non-voting Officer who will serve as the secretary for the Officers. Whenever the Secretary is unable to act for any reason, the Director of Development or the Head of School shall appoint a Secretary pro tempore to take and record minutes and to issue communications and perform all other duties of the office.

Article V. Terms

Section a.

Class Ambassadors shall serve in their roles until they resign or are removed in accordance with Article VI, Section a. For the Head Class Ambassador, s/he is eligible to serve two terms of two years each, a term shall run from July 1 of the first year to June 30 of the second year.

Article VI. Duties, Policies and Removal

Section a. Head Class Ambassador

The Head Class Ambassador shall become an ex-officio member of the school’s Board of Trustees. The Head Class Ambassador shall preside at all meetings of the Officers and the Alumni Association. The Head Class Ambassador shall have general and active management of the affairs of the Alumni Association; shall see that all decisions and resolutions of the Alumni Association and Officers are carried into effect; and shall have the general duties and powers of supervision on the management customarily vested in the office of president of an association. In addition, the Head Class Ambassador shall regularly report on activities and affairs of the Alumni Association to the Board of Trustees of the school.

Section b. Class Ambassadors

The Class Ambassadors will serve the members of their class and other classes as designated by the Head Class Ambassador. Responsibilities include educating alumni about the Tilton Annual Fund, encouraging participation, recruiting alumni to volunteer to serve Tilton, and to attend alumni events throughout the year. They will be expected to participate in Officer meetings as directed by the Head Class Ambassador and contribute to the Tilton Annual Fund commensurate with their financial resources.

Section c. Policies

The Head Class Ambassador will communicate regularly with the administration, Board of Trustees and alumni regarding goals and needs for the overall interests of the school. The Officers will plan and carry out various projects for the benefit and interests of the school and the alumni.

The Officers will endeavor to promote a spirit of community and cooperation among the alumni body by encouraging the participation of alumni in various projects, communication, events and activities.

The Officers shall not seek to direct the administration of the school or direct its policies. The Officers shall cooperate and work with the Board of Trustees and administration on committees and projects as the need arises.

Section d. Removal

A Head Class Ambassador or Class Ambassador who fails to perform his or her prescribed duties, such as failing to attend in person or by other means three consecutive meetings or failing to make an annual contribution and/or conduct themselves in unlawful manner that could potentially jeopardize the reputation of Tilton School is subject to dismissal from their position by the Head of School, who reserves the right to request said person to resign from the Alumni Association.

Article VII Confidentiality, Conduct and Conflict of Interest

Section a. Confidentiality and Conduct

At the first meeting of Ambassadors each year, the Head Class Ambassador and all Class Ambassadors will sign a letter of confidentiality and conduct that will be kept in the Development Office. If said agreement is not followed, or if behavior of a member is not in the spirit of the school’s mission, the Head of School reserves the right to remove a Head Class Ambassador or Class Ambassador per Article VI, section d.

Section b. Conflict of Interest

The Head Class Ambassador is expected to avoid conflicts of interest involving any matter pending before the Alumni Association. A conflict of interest is deemed to exist when a member is confronted with an issue in which the member has a personal or pecuniary interest or an issue or circumstance that could render the member unable to devote complete loyalty and singleness of purpose to Tilton School.

If a Head Class Ambassador has a direct personal or private interest in any matter pending before the Alumni Association, they shall disclose such interest to the School Liaison, or to the Head of School. The Head Class Ambassador with a direct personal or private interest shall not vote on the matter and shall not attempt to influence the decisions of other Officers. If they have an indirect personal or private interest, then that member may vote on the matter if he/she publicly acknowledges such interest prior to the vote.

Article VIII: Meetings

Section a. Officers

i. Meetings of the Ambassadors shall be held at least twice during the school year, called by the Head Class Ambassador whereupon the School Liaison shall promptly schedule and shall notify the members no less than one month in advance; and once during Alumni Weekend during the all School Meeting. Emergency meetings may be called by the Head Class Ambassador on shorter notice but must have the participation and or consent of the School Liaison or the Head of School

ii. Quorum for the Ambassadors shall consist of a simple majority of the Ambassadors present, in person, participating in a telephone conference call, or acting by means of electronic communication. Attendance at meetings of the Ambassadors are limited to Head Class Ambassador, School Liaison, Head of School and invited guests by the Head Class Ambassador.

Section b. Alumni Association Meetings

i. Meetings of the Alumni Association shall be determined by the Head Class Ambassador with the endorsement of the School Liaison and the Head of School. Alumni Association meetings include all meetings where the entire membership is notified. These Alumni Association meetings may include speakers, general business and information.

ii. The Annual Meeting for voting the Head Class Ambassador shall be held during Alumni Weekend (see article IV section. d).

Article IX By-Law Amendments and Review

Section a. Amendments

These bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Officers or Alumni Association by two-thirds of the Officers present, or participating by electronic communication, provided that written notice of such proposed amendments has been communicated to each executive member no less than five days in advance of such meeting.

Section b. Review

Each year after the general elections have happened the liaison from the Alumni and Development office as well as the current Head Ambassador and one other Officer shall review the by-laws to make sure they still meet the mission of the Alumni Association.

Article XII Miscellaneous

As with any organization in association with the school, the Alumni Association falls under the auspices of the Board of Trustees of the school.

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