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Building Our Future Today

Building Our Future Today

Building Our Future Today is an initiative that represents the importance of now for all of us. While we acknowledge the importance of “tomorrow,” both for Tilton and for the future of education, today is the time for us to act.

The Renovation of Knowles Hall

“Though its history and its place in the hearts of Tilton community members past and present is clear, so is the need to invest in the building’s future. The Board of Trustees voted to complete a $9 million renovation to the lobby, bathrooms, common rooms, dorm rooms, and all faculty housing. This is the largest project in the history of the building, made possible because of the incredible leadership and generosity of a core group of donors determined to set the stage for the most incredible chapter yet in Tilton’s history.”

Black and white image of Knowles Hall clock tower at Tilton School

Read more in the winter issue of The Compass.

Tilton's Living Room

“When we look at Knowles Hall, it’s not a new chapter. It’s turning back the pages and rewriting the script,” he says. “I guess, at the end of the day, my Legacy Project was to create the best living room I possibly could. And I hate to toot my own horn, but I think we did it.”

This year, Gus Raymond ’22 made the restoration of Knowles Lobby his Legacy Project. Working closely with Head of School Kate Saunders, Raymond played a critical role in modernizing the space for today’s students, while giving an important nod to the aesthetic of the Lobby’s long history. 

Read more in the spring issue of The Compass.

A crucial component of this initiative is the creation of new and distinct teaching and learning opportunities for our
students and faculty. We want to be
agile and entrepreneurial. We want to be purple.

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