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The Arts

While creativity permeates all areas of study at Tilton, in the Arts, creative passions are ignited. We believe that there is a creative side within each of us, so we guide our students to find those interests and discover new skills.

Performing Arts

Students have the ability to transform

Into characters with traits they may not have explored before in themselves, into stage managers and light technicians, or into a totally new version of an old beloved character. This opportunity allows students to explore new emotions, skills, and personas. 

Each year we put on a mainstage musical as well as two other productions. Audition for your chance to sing or perform onstage, be a member of the band, or take part backstage as part of the technical crew.

“As soon as I got out there and got in front of people. I just forgot all of my worries. Everything else faded away, and I just had to live in that moment really.”

— Alex ’21

Afternoon Arts

Afternoon Program: Afternoon Arts—Essential skills of Creativity, Play, Inquiry, and Mindfulness

Afternoon Arts is a space for students to explore their creativity and experiment with a wide range of art materials. Media practice includes graphite pencil, watercolor, and acrylic paints, 3D design and sculpture, mosaics, linocut printmaking, cardboard relief sculptures, en plein air drawings, public murals, and street art. 

Afternoon Arts is a part-time activity that meets three times per week. Projects vary each trimester based on seasonal weather and local mural opportunities. Recent collaborative works of art include two large-scale outdoor murals in downtown Tilton, a painted winter scene window mural in a downtown storefront, cardboard relief sculptures and installation at Skinner Tower, prop designs for spring musicals, color drip paintings and public art installations at the Arts Center, and recycled materials mosaics. Students also produce highly personal pieces in their visual art journals. We also take the occasional field trip to local ice cream shops.

Every Wednesday is Visual Art Journal Wednesday where students design compositions on aged pages of their own personal journal with full autonomy over their artwork. Retired library books are repurposed for these unique one-of-a-kind vintage art journals. This is a time when students can explore a wide range of art media to design compositions using ink paintings, watercolor, pencil, acrylic paint, pastels, paper collage, paper carving, and much more!


In the spring of 2022, Tilton School partnered with the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen to bring in a visiting artist to our Afternoon Arts program. Mosaicist Martha Stevermer led students in a workshop producing mosaic artwork from found and recycled materials. Students learned how to cut glass and porcelain and how to design, assemble, and grout mosaic pieces.