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Self Discovery

Students pursue Essential Skills across five areas of Self Discovery, each providing an opportunity to explore learning in a different way. These areas represent key aspects of campus life at Tilton, and they encourage students to explore beyond the confines of their own strengths or comfort zones. 

Essential Skill in each of these areas of school life, they develop a portfolio of artifacts that demonstrate what they’ve learned along the way. We think there is no better way for students to demonstrate growth—to teachers, to colleges, and to themselves—but don’t worry, we provide plenty of guidance along the way.

  • Academic Classes in World Languages, English, History Social Sciences, Arts, Mathematics, or Natural Science
  • College-level coursework
  • Remote learning opportunities with other programs and institutions
  • Student Teaching Assistant Program
  • Athletics
  • Leadership and Club Activities
  • Community Service
  • Performing Arts
  • Independent Learning Experiences (ILEs)

Our unique community: dorms, village, and day students—means there’s ample opportunity to engage with the world within and beyond campus.

  • Residential Life Program
  • Dorm/Day Proctors
  • Admissions Ambassadors
  • Peer Counselors

Tilton’s unique Grade Level Programming provides opportunities for personal growth within four major areas.

  • 9th Grade Programs
  • 10th Grade Programs
  • 11th Grade Programs
  • 12th Grade/Post-Graduate Program

Extensive facilities—and round-the-clock teaching faculty— that students have the opportunity to pursue personal projects in a way that’s not available at day schools. Want to investigate the biomechanics of hockey? Head over to the rink. Working on a long term project in plant biology? The greenhouse is just steps away. Need help on the 3D printing project you’re pursuing? Knock on your teacher’s door.

Perhaps most importantly, peers and collaborators abound. Students can work as pairs, small groups, and teams when they wish: we live together, so we can learn together.

When it comes to students’ ability to pursue their passions, the advantages of a boarding school make the difference of day and night—because we are here, day and night.

  • Personal Projects
  • Internships & Work Experience
  • Cultural Explorations
  • Independent Studies on Campus
  • Hobbies & Interests

Self discovery is a key part of Tilton's Mastery Approach

The Mastery Approach represents the very best in curriculum design, and it allows us to unlock the unique learning potential of each Tilton Student.