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We create opportunities that prepare students to make a difference in the world.

Academic Program Graduation Requirements

Tilton School is a New Hampshire Boarding School that creates opportunities that prepare students to make a difference in the world. Earning a diploma signifies that the student’s body of work demonstrates an array of knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to succeed in the 21st century world and in a rigorous college program. To be eligible, 12th grade and/or Post-Graduate students must successfully accomplish the following:

  • Proficiency in Tilton’s five Essential Skills;
  • Successful completion of Legacy Project;
  • Successful completion of a program of secondary school learning over a minimum of three years.

A minimum of 18 earned credits, as described below:

  • Arts – 1 credit. Introduction to the Arts is required for 9th Grade students. Successful completion of arts course beyond the 9th Grade Foundations Course.
  • English – 4 credits.  A full-credit program in literature-based studies is required every year.
  • History and Social Science – 3 credits. One year of U.S. History is required.
  • Mathematics – 3 credits. Algebra I & II and Geometry, or the equivalent.
  • Science – 3 credits. A core science sequence of Biology, Chemistry, Physics is required.
  • World Language – 2 credits. Two years of one world language; three years for selective college admissions.

Non-native English speaking students must successfully complete a year of 11th or 12th Grade English. All students are required to take five full-credit courses each year. Opportunities to earn limited academic credit towards graduation may be earned through successful completion of an online course, internship, or independent study work.

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