Junior Varsity B

The junior varsity B basketball team is looking to have yet another action-packed season. Practices will include individual skill work, sportsmanship, and teamwork. They will also feature lots of scrimmaging, lessons on different aspects of the game, and activities to keep it fun for all.


Joseph Scala

Head Coach


Kimball Union Academy12/4/213 pmTilton School – MARC L 44/32
Holderness School12/11/212 pmHolderness School  
Brewster Academy12/15/212:30 pmBrewster Academy  
Cardigan Mountain School1/12/222:30 pmCardigan Mountain School  
Holderness School1/15/221:30 pmTilton School – MARC  
New Hampton School1/19/221:30 pmNew Hampton School  
Brewster Academy1/22/223:30 pmTilton School – MARC  
Kimball Union Academy1/26/222:30 pmKimball Union Academy  
New Hampton School1/29/221:30 pmTilton School – MARC  
High Mowing School2/2/225:30 pmTilton School – MARC  
Cardigan Mountain School2/23/222 pmTilton School – MARC  
Proctor Academy2/26/222 pmProctor Academy  

Upcoming Schedule


 21Andy An 2025
 25 Bo Ao 2023
 12 Jason Chen 2022
 1 Pike Colburn 2025
 3 Lex Condodemetraky 2025
 5 Will Hao 2022
 14 Jean Eude Houinato 2025
 32 Ray Liu2022 
 15 Virgil Liu 2023
 11 Gavin Makely 2025
 24 Gary Tao 2023