Junior Varsity A

Tilton’s boys’ JV basketball team offers an opportunity for many of Tilton’s male student-athletes to compete against other junior varsity teams in the region. Designed as a development program, the team is traditionally comprised of younger players looking to use the JV experience to prepare for a future with the varsity team. The Tilton School basketball program is committed to the JV program and players are expected to practice each day with enthusiasm and pride.

Kurt McCandless

Head Coach

Scott Tumperi

Assistant Coach


Opponent Date TIME Location Result Score
Hillside School 12/3/21 4:30 pm Tilton School – MARC    
TBD – JV Jamboree 12/4/21 3 pm Cardigan Mountain School     
St. Paul’s School 12/10/21 4:30 pm St. Paul’s School    
Proctor Academy 12/11/21 2 pm Proctor Academy    
Brewster Academy 12/15/21 2:30 pm Tilton School – MARC    
Cushing Academy 1/8/22 3:30 pm Tilton School – MARC – CANCELLED    
Kimball Union Academy 1/12/22 2 pm Tilton School – MARC    
New Hampton School 1/15/22 2 pm New Hampton School    
Cardigan Mountain School 1/19/22 2:30 pm Cardigan Mountain School    
Holderness School 1/21/22 4:30 pm Holderness School    
New Hampton School 1/26/22 2 pm New Hampton School    
Kimball Union Academy 2/2/22 2:30 pm Kimball Union Academy    
Vermont Academy 2/5/22 2 pm Vermont Academy    
Holderness School 2/9/22 3:30 pm Holderness School    
Proctor Academy 2/18/22 4 pm Tilton School – MARC    
New Hampton School 2/23/22 4:30 pm Tilton School – MARC    
Brewster Academy 2/26/22 2 pm Brewster Academy    

Upcoming Schedule


5Jacob Anderson2023
21Jack Christos2023
24Tanner Crowley2023
11Jere Harju2023
12Nick Ni2022
34Tobias Patterson2022
10Cody Perkins2022
22Hiler Ruggles2022
23Jack Twarog2022
13Sutton Ursillo2022
14Jet Wang2022