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Community Life

It’s our whole community, not just boarding students. Tilton’s unique geography—just steps Tilton’s Main Street—means there’s ample opportunity to engage with the world beyond the campus.

We think learning is about more than time spent in the classroom. So we did away with Saturday classes and gave students a full weekend to play, explore, and recharge.

If you want to do more and do what matters to you, we’re here to help make it happen. Our students follow their passions as leaders, as volunteers, and as citizens.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our students. This support is the foundation of our residential living and learning community.

YWLP is a brand new program offered by Tilton School for students at all grade levels. The program assists students in cultivating the skills, knowledge, character, and global citizenship necessary to be a successful and equitable leader in today’s world.

Fuel your body and feed your curiosity. Our newly renovated Dining Hall, Rusty’s Den, and a vast and diverse array of local restaurants offer countless options.

Living where you learn means more access to your education. It means you have the time and space to engage with your peers, your teachers, and our 150 acre campus. 

With so many exciting updates to campus spaces, there’s a place for everyone on the Hill.

A school that connects

“The most meaningful experience I have had at Tilton was my ability to volunteer as a mentor at the Union Sanborn School (Northfield, N.H.). I had the chance to impact students who needed someone to look up to. The wonderful students I met taught me the importance of helping others in order to sustain a strong community, just like the one here at Tilton School.”

—Jakob ’20