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Personal Pursuits

We believe that when adolescents become truly aware of their own strengths and weaknesses they are more engaged in setting goals and paths that are meaningful to them. This personalized experience awakens a drive to know more.

We encourage our students to seek their own questions because it naturally provides a focus on learning how to learn and promotes critical thinking.

Tilton’s personalized approach engages each student to ask and answer: What do I know? What am I good at? and What does the world need? These questions are at the heart of how we assess learning and growth, how we provide academic support, and how we encourage independent learning.

Extensive facilities—and round-the-clock teaching faculty— that students have the opportunity to pursue personal projects in a way that’s not available at day schools. Want to investigate the biomechanics of hockey? Head over to the rink. Working on a long term project in plant biology? The greenhouse is just steps away. Need help on the 3D printing project you’re pursuing? Knock on your teacher’s door.

Perhaps most importantly, peers and collaborators abound. Students can work as pairs, small groups, and teams when they wish: we live together, so we can learn together.

When it comes to students’ ability to pursue their passions, the advantages of a boarding school make the difference of day and night—because we are here, day and night.

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