Senior Awards | 2022-23 | Tilton School

Senior Awards | 2022-23

Award Recipients (awarded at Prize Night 2023)

Award for Academic Excellence in Psychology

Awarded to a student who has excelled in the study of psychology. 

Awarded to: Madison F. Stephen 

The James R. Clements Award in Social Science

Established in 2012 by the Social Science Department and the Academic Department Chairs, in honor of James R. Clements, Head of School and Social Science teacher from 1998 to 2012, The James R. Clements Book Award is presented annually to a member of the graduating class who has demonstrated a deep and genuine commitment to applying lessons learned from the Social Sciences so that we may all “do something today to make tomorrow a little better than yesterday”.

Awarded to: Sara J. Thibeault


The Academic Dean’s Prize

This prize is awarded, when appropriate, to recognize a student who has demonstrated significant academic growth over the course of the year at Tilton School, transforming academic potential into superior academic achievement.

Awarded to: Julia M. Dolpies 

The Hosea B. Burnham Prizes

These prizes, the gift of Dr. Hosea B. Burnham of the class of 1850, are awarded to students who excel in Mathematics and in the Sciences.

The Burnham Advanced Math Prize
– is awarded to a student in an Advanced Mathematics course who demonstrates a superior level of creative problem solving in mathematics and a passion for mathematical analysis and abstract thinking.  

Awarded to: Chengqi “Gary” Tao

The Burnham Prizes in Science
are awarded to students who excel in science and who demonstrate a strong interest in the application of scientific skills and knowledge to solving real-world problems in the global community.  Awarded to three students;

In Physics                            

Awarded to:  Jere W. Harju

Mathematics Department Award

Awarded by the Tilton School Mathematics Department to a student whose level of achievement and deep understanding of advanced mathematics exceeds that of all other students in the school.

Awarded to: Julia M. Dolpies

Dr. Denis Wang Science Department Prize

In recognition of the contributions and leadership of former Science Department Chair Dr. Denis Wang, this prize is awarded to a student whose level of achievement and deep understanding of advanced science exceeds that of all other students in the school.

Awarded to: Madison F. Stephen

The Fine Arts Prize

Established by the Arts Club of 1966, the Fine Arts Prize is awarded to students who, through steady effort and daring to reach beyond what is already understood, have shown significant creative ability in the Studio Arts.  

Awarded to: 
Jack T. Curley (Ceramics) 
Xuan “Virgil” Liu (Photography)      

The Hazel S. Kaufman Dramatics Prize

Given in memory of Hazel S. Kaufman, by her family, this prize is awarded to a graduating senior or seniors who have made sacrifices for the continued benefit of the drama program.  

Awarded to: Evelynn “Chevy” Irizarry

English Prize for Critical Insight & Creative Expression

To the student who has consistently demonstrated highly developed analytical clarity and deep critical insight in the study of literature and culture.

Awarded to: 
Samantha BD Babbitt
Shae A. Mercer

Jason W. Perkins Prize

Established by the Trustees in 1971, in honor of Jason W. Perkins, Tilton teacher from 1946 to 1983, this prize is given to that student of an advanced class whose progress in modern foreign language has been outstanding, and who has demonstrated excellence in communications skills and in understanding other cultures and communities through language study.

Awarded to:
Conor M. Waldron (French)
Daniel P. Brant (Spanish)

Male Athlete of the Year

Awarded by the Athletic Department to the boy who has contributed the most to athletics at Tilton.

Awarded to: Derek W. Greer

Female Athlete of the Year

Awarded by the Athletic Department to the girl who has contributed the most to athletics at Tilton.

Awarded to: Sophia R. Brea

The Tommy Merrill Award

Awarded by the Athletic Department in honor of Tommy Merrill, equipment manager from 1939 to 1983, to a senior who has contributed to the sports program of the school by competing in interscholastic sports contests, by working hard for the love of the game, and by showing responsibility toward those persons who interests and careers are dedicated to helping the athletes of Tilton.                          

Awarded to:  Mazie E. Burt 

The Kenneth S. Hollingsworth Prize

Awarded by the Athletic Department in honor of Kenneth S. Hollingsworth, this prize goes to that athlete who has exhibited the highest standard of sportsmanship.

Awarded to:  Shae A. Mercer

The Chester J. Laroche Award

Awarded in memory of an outstanding graduate of Tilton in the class of 1913, who was a fine athlete here and at Yale University, who had become a successful business man known for his integrity, and who retained active interest in sports with a respect for what athletics, properly played and properly coached, can do for young people.  The terms of this award come directly from the hand of Mr. LaRoche. 

“All of us honor, in the classroom, the highly intelligent mind; we admire and applaud, on the field of amateur sport, the heroes endowed with great physical skill; but even if these dimensions have not been endowed to the full by God’s hand, they can be matched by spiritual eagerness. We would honor in you – your spirit of cooperation with your teammates; your tough, self-imposed standards of excellence in effort; your sacrifices of individual gain and glory for something greater than private success, the victory of the team.  All of us are enriched by the presence of these characteristics in you – our mutual survival depends upon their continued presence in some measure in all of us.”

Awarded to: Jack H. Balcer  

The Mary E. Chadbourne Prize

Supported by a fund bequeathed by Rev. George S. Chadbourne, D.D. 1853, to be awarded to the member of the graduating class each year, who in point of scholarship and general deportment shall be deemed by the faculty most worthy of it.

Awarded to: Chengqi “Gary” Tao

The Frederick M. Eaton Prize

Awarded to a student in the graduating class of high scholastic standing and high moral character.

Awarded to: Madison F. Stephen

The Faculty Awards

Awarded to members of the graduating class who, in the opinion of the faculty, have demonstrated a positive attitude through academic achievement, athletic participation, and admirable school citizenship and by doing so have transformed the power of their potential into achievement, service, and success.

Awarded to: 

Caitlin M. Connelly
Nicholas C. Fontaine
Aislinn M. Gibson
Paige D. Colburn 
Aidan Roy

Headmaster Robert E. Butler Prize

Given in honor of Headmaster Robert E. Butler, Headmaster of Tilton School from 1965-1969, this prize honors a student who in recognizing and meeting personal responsibilities with determination, perseverance, and sincere good spirit, evidenced a 

strong moral code and deep personal commitment, thereby earning the respect of students, faculty and staff.

Awarded to: Abigail C. Gilbert

The John F. Thompson Memorial Award

Established by the New Hampshire State Board of Approved Basketball Officials, this award is to be given to the student who comes nearest to representing the ideals for which Dean John F. Thompson (1918, 1920-1949) stood.  The characteristics for which he most looked in a student were honesty, fairness and sincerity, as well as interest in sports and activities.  As between two students of approximately equal accomplishments, John F. Thompson would favor the student who had worked harder for it.  He admired students who could bring out the most that they had in themselves.

Awarded to: Daniel P. Brant

Awarded at Senior Dinner 2023

The Class of 1972 Prize

Awarded to the senior – selected by the Senior Class officers and the Head of School – who through all the pressures and frustrations found contentment and happiness among friends.  This senior not only survived, but also endured with a smile, and always put friends first, sharing sorrows and joys.

Awarded to: Abigail L. Lopatofsky

The Class of 1953 Prize

Awarded to that member of the graduating class at Tilton who, in the judgment of the Head of School, has exhibited traits of outstanding character and Chutzpah. 

Awarded to: Sara J. Thibeault

The William Harrison Ulfelder Award

Established by the class of 1967 in memory of their classmate, William Harrison Ulfelder, this award is presented to a Senior for sportsmanship, congenial concern for fellow students, perseverance in studies and inspirational courage.        

Awarded to: Aislinn M. Gibson

The Class of 1965 Prize

In honor of Headmaster Herbert B Moore and Charles A. Zion ‘65, this prize is awarded to that senior who in a positive manner in school affairs has exhibited consistently a concern for the welfare, the rights and the needs of others, thus giving evidence of weighing heavily the moral aspects of words and actions.

Awarded to: Jack H. Balcer

The Governor Carlton Skinner Award

Awarded annually to a member of the graduating class who has consistently demonstrated a sense of personal integrity, loyalty, curiosity, and who has demonstrated a commitment to fight injustice in all its forms.

Awarded to: Clara F. MacDow