Student Experience Block - Healthy Living | Tilton School

Student Experience Block – Healthy Living

The Healthy Living curriculum seeks to expose students to topics and tools that can be impactful and developmentally relevant for teenagers in establishing skills and mindsets that promote healthy living. Specifically, students will learn about five areas for healthy living, through which they will practice various tools and skills to cultivate personal health.


Who Are We?

Students will explore their own unique identities, and cultivate self-esteem while exploring other identities and how they are displayed to the world.


Who Surrounds Us?

Through this unit, students will explore healthy relationships in their lives, plus conflict resolution, and consent.


How Do We Impact?

Students will learn how to practice accountability and personal ownership, while exploring discipline and independent decisions.


How Do We Overcome?

Students will explore how to navigate change, develop a growth mindset, and expand their coping abilities within this unit.


How Do We Connect?

In this unit, students will cultivate the connection between mind and body through non-judgemental curiosity, developing awareness and acceptance.