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Student Experience Block Test

What if learning went beyond the classroom? What if students had the resources to explore their passions? What does it mean to leave a legacy? At Tilton, we believe learning is a life-long endeavor. Our Student Exploration Block is an integrated class period focusing on three areas of exploration: Grade-Level Programming, Healthy Living, and Next Steps. These units are all age-appropriate skills that fuel exploration of larger topics and prepare student to contribute to the world around them. 

Ninth Grade

9th Grade Student Exploration Block is dedicated to helping students successfully acclimate to Tilton School. It sets the foundation for self discovery and awareness, which students will continue to build upon throughout their time on campus. Students will develop the tools and skills needed to design and embark on a more purposeful journey. The program culminates with students writing a letter to the incoming ninth grade class to share advice, as well as a letter to their senior self.

Tenth Grade 

10th Grade is dedicated to exposing students to new experiences that challenge them to expand their own thinking. Students will learn how to strike a balance between effective collaboration and self-reliance through group projects and personal pursuits. The program culminates with students presenting a “Me Manifesto” in which they articulate what they have learned about themselves and the way they contribute to the community.

Eleventh Grade 

11th Grade is designed to fostering greater independence and helping students gain a deeper understanding of their interests, values, and purpose. Students will envision their potential beyond campus by exploring career opportunities through a design thinking project and utilizing professional partnerships. The program culminates with students pitching their projects to showcase their individual strengths and collaborative efforts.

Twelfth Grade/PG 

12th Grade is dedicated to preparing students for their transition from adolescence to adulthood. Students will develop their independent living skills in personal finance and lifestyle management, strengthening their ability to navigate and adapt to the complexities of life. The program culminates with a student reflection on their competencies with these skills and areas for continued growth.