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College Placements for Tilton Athletes

In addition to a rich tradition of team success at Tilton School, each year many graduates go on to compete in college athletics at the Division I, II and III levels. From basketball to golf, hockey to cross country, in both men’s and women’s sports, Tilton School graduates are making their mark at the next level.


Cole Winkelmann ’18BaseballGordon CollegeCCC Division III
Shea Nugent ’16BaseballBrandeis UniversityUAA Division III
Trevor Frederick ’18BaseballWashington CollegeCentennial Division III
Jake Nardone ’19BaseballEndicott CollegeNECC Division III
John Woernle ’19BaseballCurry CollegeCCC Division III
Tyler Morelli ’20BaseballCurry CollegeCCC Division III

Basketball (Mens')

Chris Stowell ’14BasketballUniversity of MiamiACC Division I
Anthony Green ’15BasketballNortheastern UniversityCAA Division I
Terance Mann ’15BasketballFlorida StateACC Division I
Connor O’Neill ’15BasketballUniversity of GeorgiaSEC Division I
Franklin Porter ’15BasketballUniversity of PortlandWCC Division I
Brett Hanson ’16BasketballFlorida Southern CollegeSunshine State Division II
Robert Martin, Jr. ’16BasketballRice UniversityConference USA Division I
Kyle Wright ’16BasketballLaramie County CollegeNJCAA Division
Daishaun Woods ’18BasketballGarden City Community College 
Charlie Deacon ’18BasketballFranklin Institute of Technology 
Cameron Parker ’18BasketballSacred Heart UniversityNEC Division I
Christian Hinckson ’18BasketballManhattan CollegeMAAC Division I
Cal Connelly ’18BasketballAssumption CollegeNE-10 Division II
Joseph Glynn ’18BasketballUniversity of Massachusetts, LowellAmerica East Division I
Maxwell Zegarowski ’18BasketballFranklin Pierce UniversityNE-10 Division II
Marcus Zegarowski ’18BasketballCreighton UniversityBig East Division I
Eric Beckett ’19BasketballUniversity of VermontAmerica East Division I
John McCoy ’19BasketballUniversity of DelawareCAA Division I
Anthony Selden ’19BasketballGardner-Webb UniversityBig South Division I
Julian Wilson ’20BasketballMilligan CollegeAAC Division NAIA
Hollman Smith ’20BasketballJames Madison UniveristyCAA Division I
Kevin Constant ’20BasketballLeMoyne CollegeNE-10 Division II
Jalen Leach ’20BasketballFairfield UniveristyMAAC Division I

Basketball (Womens')

Rainey Cox ’14BasketballFairleigh Dickinson UniversityNEC Division I
Jillian Fama ’14BasketballSaint Anselm CollegeNE-10 Division II
Cass Derda ’14BasketballUniversity of VermontAmerica East Division I
Maureen Taggart ’14BasketballNortheastern UniversityCAA Division I
Meghan Hynes ’15BasketballSt. Lawrence UniversityLiberty League Division III
Gabby Hunter ’16BasketballDartmouth CollegeIvy League Division I
Giulia Orlando ’16BasketballMerrimack CollegeNE-10 Division II
Sophia Neubauer ’16BasketballPoint Loma UniversityPacWest Division II
Masey Zegarowski ’16BasketballBryant UniversityNEC Division I
Mayson Kimball ’17BasketballMerrimack CollegeNE-10 Division II
Ashley Berube ’17BasketballCentral Connecticut UniversityNEC Division I
Olivia Orlando ’17BasketballProvidence CollegeBig East Division I
Abigail Settelmeyer ’18BasketballUniversity of VermontAmerica East Division I
Chanelle Camah ’18BasketballLynn UniversitySunshine State Division II
Nicole Freddo ’18BasketballSaint Anselm CollegeNE-10 Division II
Nicole Ladas ’18BasketballSt. Michael’s CollegeNE-10 Division II
Madison Clark ’18BasketballWesleyan UniversityNESCAC Division III
Imanni Wright ’19BasketballChampman UniversitySCIAC Division III
Cassie Caldwell ’19BasketballEndicott CollegeNECC Division III
Morgan Higgins ’19BasketballIrvine Valley CollegeCCCAA Division
Aislinn McMahon ’20BasketballConnecticut CollegeNESCAC Division III
Katumina Mansaray ’20BasketballPace UniversityNE-10 Division II
Jaxson Nadeau ’20BasketballSt. Michael’s CollegeNE-10 Division II
Ekin CelikdemirBasketballWashington State UniversityPac-12 Division I

Cross Country (Mens')

Josh Weinmann ’14Cross CountryEndicott CollegeNECC Division III

Cross Country (Womens')

Stephanie Snow ’15 Cross Country University of New England CCC Division III

Field Hockey

Tia Raspante ’18Field HockeyUniversity of New HampshireCAA Division I
Kaitlin Bardellini ’19Field Hockey; Ice HockeyCastletonLEC Division III
Jackie Hill ’19Field Hockey; SoftballColby CollegeNESCAC Division III


Tucker Buteau ’15GolfSt. Michael’s CollegeNE-10 Division II
Ryan Waring ’18GolfCoastal Carolina UniversitySunbelt Division I

Ice Hockey (Mens')

Payton Baldillez ’13Ice HockeyNorwich UniversityECAC East Division III
Brendan Cain ’13Ice HockeySaint Anselm CollegeNE-10 Division II
Justin Longo ’14Ice HockeySaint Anselm CollegeNE-10 Division II
Nunzio Morretti ’15Ice HockeyUniversity of Rhode IslandACHA Division II
Jakub Myska ’15Ice HockeyHope CollegeACHA Division II
Johnny Orlando ’15Ice HockeyWestfield State UniversityMASCAC Division III
Zach Frament ’16Ice HockeyStonehill CollegeNE-10 Division II
Ryan Meade ’16Ice HockeyStonehill CollegeNE-10 Division II
Ryan Smith ’16Ice HockeyStonehill CollegeNE-10 Division II
Ryan Freker ’16Ice HockeyWentworth Institute of TechnologyACHA Division II
Philip Werner ’16Ice HockeyHope CollegeACHA Division II
Jack Zangre ’18Ice HockeyWesleyan UniversityNESCAC Division III
John Pigott ’18Ice HockeyAssumption CollegeNE-10 Division II
Braden Haley ’18Ice HockeyUniversity of New Hampshire (Club)ACHA Division II
Will Dalhquist ’18Ice HockeyBentley University (Club)ACHA Division II
Sean Keegans ’18Ice HockeyUniversity of Wisconsin (Club)ACHA Division II
Shawn Leslie ’19Ice HockeySalem State UniversityMASCAC Division III
Cam Ryan ’19Ice HockeySalem State UniversityMASCAC Division III
Jamie Cates ’20Ice HockeyWilliams CollegeNESCAC Division III
Brett Lockhart ’20Ice HockeyPlymouth State UniversityNEHC Division III
Max Pineo ’20Ice HockeyStonehill CollegeNE-10 Division II

Ice Hockey (Womens')

Katherine O’Brien ’14Ice HockeySt. Michael’s CollegeECAC East, NE-10 Division II
Lindsay O’Connell ’14Ice HockeyNichols CollegeCCC Division III
Sarah Erban ’15Ice HockeySacred Heart UniversityNEC Division III
Madi Nichols ’15Ice HockeySt. Michael’s CollegeECAC East, NE-10 Division II
Shannon Colbert ’17Ice HockeyUniversity Southern MaineGNAC-NEHC Division III
Riley Nichols ’17Ice HockeySt. Michael’s CollegeECAC East, NE-10 Division II
Ann Margaret DiSciscio ’17Ice HockeyFranklin Pierce UniversityNE-10 Division II
Ally Joly ’18Ice Hockey, LacrosseWilkes UniversityUCHC Division III
Alexis Thomas ’19Ice HockeySalem State UniversityMASCAC Division III
Amanda Crowley ’19Ice HockeyUniversity Southern MaineGNAC-NEHC Division III
Ashlyn Brown ’19Ice HockeyUNHACHA Division Club
Trinity White ’19Ice HockeyBecker CollegeNECC Division III
Steph Nevers ’19Ice HockeyTrinity CollegeNESCAC Division III
Cassie Nevers ’19Ice HockeySacred Heart UniversityNEWHA Division I
Delanie Corcoran ’20Ice HockeyUniversity of New EnglandCCC Division III

Lacrosse (Mens')

Scott Boucher ’14LacrosseWentworth Institute of TechnologyCCC Division III
Blake Hay ’14LacrosseGreen Mountain State CollegeNAC Division III
Andrew Markham ’14LacrosseUniversity of New EnglandCCC Division III
Dikran Arshagouni ’16LacrosseMcGill UniversityCUFLA Division I
Hoyt McCuin ’16LacrosseUniversity at Albany, SUNYAmerica East Division I
Brandon Wills ’17LacrosseBentley UniversityNE-10 Division II
KJ Sarni ’18LacrosseClarkson UniversityLiberty League Division III
Owen McCuin ’18LacrosseSouthern New Hampshire UniversityNE-10 Division II
Nicholas Guarente ’18LacrosseCansisus CollegeMAAC Division I
Paddy Barry ’19LacrosseSalve Regina UniversityCCC Division III
Killian  Shea-Smith ’19LacrosseSUNY PlattsburghSUNYAC Division III
Patrick Guinee ’19Lacrosse; Cross CountryWingate UniversityBluegrass Mountain Division II
Andrew Bonavita ’19LacrosseSaint Anselm CollegeNE-10 Division II
Nathan Cammack ’20LacrosseClarkson UniveristyLiberty League Division III
Campbell Wain ’20LacrosseUniversity of TampaSunshine State Division II
Tyler Hatch ’15SoccerRochester Institute of TechnologyLiberty League Division III

Lacrosse (Womens')

Darby Rich ’20Lacrosse; Ice HockeySt. Michael’s CollegeNE-10 Division II
Kate Albretsen ’15Lacrosse, SoccerNorwich UniversityGNAC Division III
Kayley Hughes ’18LacrosseEndicott CollegeNECC Division III
Brynn Mendes ’18LacrosseNorwich UniversityGNAC Division III
Maggie Callendar ’20LacrosseSimmons UniversityGNAC Division III

Soccer (Mens')

Danny Nkhalamba ’15SoccerGordon CollegeCCC Division III
Matthew Chartier ’16SoccerGordon CollegeCCC Division III

Soccer (Womens')

Caitlin Rotonnelli ’16SoccerLasell CollegeGNAC Division III
Taylor Clark ’20SoccerSt, Joseph’s CollegeGNAC Division III
Lia Villanueva ’20SoccerKnox CollegeMidwest Division III


Kaitlyn Hess ’17SoftballWorcester Polytechic InstituteNEWMAC Division III
Morgan LeBaron ’18SoftballRegis CollegeGNAC Division III
Kirsten Chandonnet ’18SoftballBrandeis UniversityUAA Division III
Abigail Johnson ’19SoftballSalem State UniversityMASCAC Division III
Jackie Hill ’19SoftballColby CollegeNESCAC
Hope Talwani ’20SoftballSt Joseph’s CollegeGNAC Division III
Payton Crowley ’20SoftballColby CollegeNESCAC Division III

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