Dining Hall New Hampshire - Tilton School


While students have access to a wide array of food options at Tilton, the Dining Hall is our family table.

The Dining Hall

Cafeteria-style meals are the primary method of dining at the Tilton School, as students meet up and sit down between classes, before and after sports, and at our famous weekend brunches. Occasionally, we all set down together for a Family Style meal; these meals provide an opportunity for students (and adults) to meet and eat with new friends and old.

A student-led food committee regularly reviews menus and provides feedback to our food service partner, Sage Dining Services. Sage is responsive and flexible, and they are famous for knowing each student’s preferences and their “usual” orders of fan-favorite dishes.

Holidays and other special events spark creative cuisine in our dining hall and give students opportunities to learn about ingredients, cuisines, and cooking methods they’ve never encountered before.

Dining Hall options are all-encompassing and include a self-serve hot food section, fruit and salad bar, sandwich bar, and soup station, in addition to several drink and dessert options. Sage staff easily accommodates all food allergies and dietary restrictions. Aside from hot options served at specific mealtimes, students are encouraged to stop in at the dining hall for beverages, fruit, or other convenient options at virtually any time of day.

A view of the dining hall food line.

Sage Dining at Tilton

Our partner, Sage Dining, offers tons of details online. Check out their site for menus, nutritional information, and more! 

Rusty’s Den and Local Eats

Because of our proximity to local restaurants, DoorDash, UberEats, and countless other delivery services frequent our campus—but it’s even easier for students to walk down the Hill to Casamigos, Tilton House of Pizza, V’s Sandwich, or Onions, just to name a few.

Additional options include a snack bar at our hockey rink, a concession trailer operated by the Parent Association, dorm parent baking, and special occasions at the Head of School House.

Main Street is just down the Hill!

A unique feature of our school, students and faculty alike enjoy the access to restaurants, shops, and more.