College Counseling

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The goal of the College Counseling program at Tilton School is to help students explore their interests and talents in order to find a range of colleges and universities that will match their ambitions and goals. In addition, the College Office serves as a support for parents, educating them on different colleges, including admissions procedures and trends. The college counselors have developed a program that will enable students to take the lead in their college search and to discover college environments in which they can thrive.

The counseling program, staffed by two full-time counselors, uses a structured grade level approach to work with all students, grades 9-12 and postgraduates. Beginning with group interest inventories, and Big Thinking during spring of freshman year, the counselors, utilizing student feedback, develop a three-year individualized plan. Students move to one-to-one work by winter of their junior year. Counselors work closely with junior and senior faculty advisors to help students plan, monitor and manage their learning, as well as formulate and evaluate their educational and personal goals.

 Grades 9 & 10: Exploration

At Tilton, we’re focused on giving each student the tools to build their own future. That’s why preparing for college at Tilton begins early. Freshmen focus on creating a foundation involving individualized course selection, goal setting and skill building that forges their personalized Guided Program of Study. College Counseling brings together freshmen and seniors for “the senior talk” of shared stories on how to successfully navigate the road to college that best fits each individual.

College Counseling takes on more of a role in the 10th grade through the Mock Admission Committee. Here, we further explore the world of college admissions gaining real insight to the admission process through discussion and a vote on applicant admission. These case studies are used by our students to reflect on “who am I”, “what do I have to offer”, and “how will I showcase and tell my story”. Continuous discovery and self- reflection are hallmarks of every year at Tilton, but how a student comes to articulate their ideas about fit and match for university admission really take shape in grade 10 setting the stage for the deeper work to come.

Grades 11, 12 & PG: Preparation & Commitment

During the 11th-grade, 12th-grade, and postgraduate years, counselors meet weekly during 50-minute class sessions with each student to compile a realistic list of college possibilities and to review their progress in the application process. The 11th-grade year focuses on preparation, including flexible campus-based SAT prep services, a mock interview program and essay workshops. All 11th-grade students are required to attend a two-day College Process Weekend held each January. The event, which also includes many components for parents, covers important topics relevant to the college search while relieving some of the anxieties that may surround the process.

The goal of the 12th grade or postgraduate year is to support students in the college application and decision-making process. The year begins with the Senior Defense Program, when all students are required to present three college choices to a panel of faculty, alumni and trustees. Individualized attention and focus are given to the unique needs and talents of each senior and postgraduate during their weekly advising session. Advising and support are also available for all parents of senior students, primarily for understanding financial aid requirements and deadlines.

College Resources

Student Resources

The following links are resources that students will find helpful during the College Counseling process. These links supplement Tilton School’s College Counseling Handbook.

Parent Resources

The following links are resources that parents will find helpful during the College Counseling process. If you have questions at any time, please feel free to contact your student’s College Counselor for assistance.


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